Designing the Adventure – Hannah Day

Designing the Adventure – Hannah Day

An insight into one of our enthusiastic Creative Designers

We have a new addition to our in-house project design team, the amazingly talented Hannah Day!

Hannah joins Greenspan after 10 years of architectural training at the prestigious Oxford Brookes University. Her passion for illustration and bringing vibrant ideas to life combines with her professional experience to bring a unique technical and imaginative perspective to the team. She loves to think like a kid and hopes to play on all the designs she creates!

We asked her about working on her first project for Greenspan, which was to design an Adventure Golf course in the theme of the St. Andrews Old Course for a caravan park.

It sounds like it was a great first project to jump straight into for her:

“The concept for the Adventure Golf Course was a joy to work on. I had the chance to utilise and adapt my architectural experience while letting my creative imagination run wild. I never thought my career would lead me to researching the history of the St. Andrew’s Old Course, but I’m glad it did! Understanding the intricacies of playing the links course, the history of the town, and the landscape was fascinating and crucial to developing a design that is empathetic and bespoke to the client and the place. I learn new things every day here!”

Clayton Caravan Park's Adventure Golf Course in the theme of the St. Andrews Old Course

Her passion certainly shows when it comes to delving deep into researching the project’s brief for the theme and letting her imagination flow through what she learns about it. The enthusiasm she exudes certainly brims to the top for each of her projects. It then seems to develop into an eagerness to see her concepts being turned into reality and wanting to see them in their fully completed form:

“I’m so excited to see a concept I’ve designed come to life on-site…in fact, I’m off to buy my train tickets to Scotland…I want to be first in line to play!”

We asked her what she enjoys the most about what she does and why:

“From a young age, what I have loved most about good architecture and design is the positive impact it has on people and communities.”

“Getting to draw and talk all day about exciting ideas with people who love and are passionate about what they do is an absolute gift. Bringing clients’ visions to life and seeing them get excited about their new project is so rewarding.”

“Mostly though, I love the opportunity to think like a kid, and design nearly entirely with the intention of creating joyful spaces that afford people the chance to relax, be together and create memories. You’re never too old to play!”

We love how the main reward she takes from her work is the joy she has seeing others reaping the fruit of her creative output. It shows how unadulterated she is by self-interest and the level of her empathy towards the entities that count the most – the people who come to use our Adventure Playscapes. Having the users enjoyment in mind is a motivation that we all have at Greenspan for each of our client projects.

We are grateful to have Hannah Day as a new member of the Greenspan team. We will wait to see, with great anticipation, her first Greenspan design is fully constructed and signed off.

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Latest Project

Clayton Caravan Park, St. Andrew’s, Scotland

Adventure arrives in St. Andrew’s – the “home of golf”

Greenspan Projects were instructed by Clayton Caravan Park to build a brand-new themed attraction, paying homage to historical and iconic surroundings…

Clayton Caravan Park is nestled in the beautiful area of Fife – with the wonderful advantage of such proximity to St. Andrew’s; the iconic “home of golf”. This five-star holiday park already has plenty to shout about in terms of leisure offerings for guests, yet the park owners identified an opportunity to enhance the space for families enjoying their time away, to help create memories that will last a lifetime.

This exciting 18-hole course was designed to transport visitors on a journey through the history of St. Andrews, where many say the sport of golf first started. Featuring grassy dunes and winding berms that mirror the look and feel of the ancient golf course, visitors can also enjoy playable props that reflect the iconic features of the local town. With a tranquil winding stream, stone bridge, famous buildings, and impressive archways and walkways, the course provides excellent playability against the backdrop of the historic St. Andrews… providing picture perfect photo opportunities at every turn.

Avid fans of the St. Andrew’s course will instantly recognise the famous landmarks featured throughout, such as the Swilken Bridge, Road Hole Bunker, St Andrews Castle, and Martyrs’ Monument… but in miniature!

From the initial design stages, each hole was carefully considered to ensure the construction of the course would be provide stunning landscapes at every turn – yet retain the spacious feel of the great outdoors. The hard and soft landscaping provides more immersive elements for a truly authentic feel of manoeuvring across a championship course, where avoiding the dreaded bunker is an absolute must!

Once visitors have completed their St. Andrew’s adventure, there is ample opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved snack and drink at the park’s Water’s Edge Café, or the Clayton Restaurant, AND the chance to enjoy a 10% discount on food and drink on the presentation of the adventure golf ticket. What better way to end a memorable round?!

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