Adventure Parks

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Adventure Parks

Adventure Parks and Aerial Adventures are growing increasingly popular… in correlation with experiential quality. In a world where generations are valuing experiences more than material items, there has never been such a demand for imaginative, new, and exciting ways to spend time.

Greenspan are specialists in creating the initial design concept led by our client’s vision, to the bespoke build and finesse of finishing touches. Our work on adventure parks has led to the creation of unforgettable attractions focused on unique outdoor adventure attractions, adrenaline-fuelled activities including zip lines, zip coasters and high rope courses, and even bounce nets and giant pillow jump towers!


We take health and safety very seriously.

Our courses are constructed to the highest safety standards.  We build to European Standards – EN 11567 and Universal ACCT standards  to mitigate risk.

We provide:

  • Training prior to opening, allowing for the opportunity of a designated technical advisor for ongoing health and safety support
  • We subject all our installations to an independent inaugural inspection to ensure all standards are met


Our project portfolio has grown considerably within this area, as more and more clients aim to provide new and unique adventures for thrill seekers. Find out more below…

High Ropes

Fun for all the family, high ropes courses can vary in difficulty, where it’s all about choosing your own adventure. For example, you can come across platforms, obstacles, bridges and even swings – there are many possibilities and different ways of completing the course that adds to the fun… ultimately creating your own challenge. This type of attraction also caters for those wanting to embark on some teambuilding… it’s all about motivating each other!

Here are some of the key benefits of creating a High Ropes course for your venue:

  • Creates a fantastic visual attraction, drawing visitors in from afar
  • Amazing social media opportunities
  • Can be created in tandem with a new, or existing, attraction
  • Higher yield per person
  • Courses can be tailored to target market – can vary in levels of difficulty


Greenspan Projects also provide equipment training for management and staff and can assist you with advice from our High Ropes Specialist to assist with your needs.

Take a look at some of our projects within this area.

Climbing Walls

Climbing walls are aesthetically pleasing and provide plenty of opportunity to combine challenges with fun and fitness!

Some of the key benefits include:

  • An adrenaline pumping activity which encourages customers to return
  • High customer satisfaction rate. As well as learning how to climb, you also acquire an additional skill in using the climbing equipment
  • Users find it an addictive activity and therefore encourages customers to return to your venue and also bring friends along!
  • Very beneficial for fitness as climbing provides a full body workout – which can be designed to suit multiple demographics (including easier courses for younger ages, or more intricate courses for seasoned climbers).
  • Climbing can be suitable for all venues – you don’t necessarily need a tall space! Bouldering is also a very popular form of climbing which only needs a small enclosed space
  • Climbing is suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations, so there are multiple opportunities


Find out more about our latest climbing wall creation here. 

Zip Coasters

Zip Coasters are wildly popular – and not just as an outdoor attraction! They can be built indoors, subject to height considerations, and serve as a fun-filled activity for visitors of all ages.

Here are some of the key benefits of creating a Zip Coaster attraction for your venue:

  • Excellent use of space – whether it’s an entirely new or existing area
  • High octane experience
  • Excellent return on investment
  • High throughput – Zip Coasters are fun and fast, allowing for more visitors!
  • Unique experience, which can feel like flying
  • Visually attractive and eye-catching from afar
  • Great social media opportunities


Check out our latest zip coaster build in action below!

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