Play Indoors

We are proud to be the leading specialist in the design and build of bespoke themed indoor adventure playgrounds, play areas, and inspirational play spaces.

Play Indoors

When the great outdoors is not available, indoor environments can be just as much fun!

Transforming indoor spaces into fantastic natural or thematic playscapes that inspire children to climb, imagine, play, talk, sit and explore, whatever the weather!

Greenspan are experts in the design, build, theming, and decoration of bespoke and inspiring indoor play and recreational areas. We have worked with many clients and can help you with any project from small spaces, right through to a large, complex and multi-faceted schemes.

We have vast experience in play, leisure and thematic design and have used proven methods to create some of the most exciting, talked about, and heavily themed play spaces in the world.

Types of Play

Natural Indoor Play

Beautiful, eye catching, organic spaces, sometimes lightly themed: Our natural indoor play areas are mainly built from timber and incorporate many elements that children will find in their everyday walks of life.

No one design is the same but in our experience different play value would include: role play shops and houses, ladders, natural ropes, swings, look out windows, natural logs, natural obstacles, rivers, crawl tunnels, bridges, sand play and more.

Some people like to call this ‘bringing the outside in’….. whatever you want to call it, these areas are hard to dislike and often fabulously compliment rural settings.

Soft Play

Soft play is a type of indoor play that makes use of brightly coloured padded plastics and vinyl, padded rollers, balls pits and drop slides, etc and is generally modular in construction and design.

Although these play areas are great and often packed full of play value, we have found our clients usually request a more natural and bespoke look, allowing them to offer a USP and something different to what many have already got. It is a well-known fact to those who have experienced the timber indoor play structures that they offer equal play value (any play feature in a soft play area can be incorporated within a timber play area), they are designed to be as safe (can be padded as well if required) and the focus on higher quality natural materials gives a far better aesthetic appearance. We believe you can benefit from being different.

Themed Adventure Play

‘Instagram-able’, inspirational, exciting, one-of-a-kind indoor play spaces with the real ‘wow factor’.

These heavily themed play areas are Greenspan’s specialty and we have had a vast range of experience.

We can create you a story line, take on your own story/ brand or even work with well know IP’s and brands.

Each area is completely unique and will become your USP.

Great Play Value

Repeat Business & Referral

Physical Activity

How Greenspan Can Help

Greenspan are specialists in the design and build of these bespoke and themed indoor play areas. We have built play areas for schools, visitor attractions, farm parks, farm shops, country parks, holiday parks, leisure complexes, and more.

We have worked with hundreds of clients to deliver their bespoke areas, each with their own unique designs.

The processes we follow to deliver your bespoke indoor play area…

Concept & Design

Our expert team of designers create amazing play space and playground design concepts that fit perfectly to your brief and vision. We work closely with you on your design brief to come up with the play area of your dreams. This way you can fully visualise your completed playground design.

  • Creative design and concepts
  • 3D computer-generated graphics
  • Detailed design and technical drawings

Create & Construction

Our project management & construction team ensures that your project is expertly built from start to finish, and delivered within the timescales agreed.

  • Artificial grass and other safety surfaces
  • Natural play and rustic structures
  • Climbing and bouncy netplay
  • Stainless steel and GRP slides
  • Tube slides, multi-lane, and bespoke slides


Our innovative team of adventurists can create a fantastic theme and develop the whole environment to suit. This way, your customers can fully immerse themselves in your theme and story.

  • Artificial rockwork and foliage
  • Scenic painting, wall murals, theming and signage
  • Bespoke props and sculpting in all materials
  • Special audio, visual and lighting FX

Latest Project

Ardardan Estate – Monty’s Play Barn

Set in the beautiful restored walled gardens on the banks of the River Clyde in Scotland, there are adventures awaiting young thrill seekers to experience at Ardardan’s Estate…

With a treasure trove of foodie goodies, homemade Tearoom Treats and Garden Nursery to inspire visitors from far and wide, the Montgomery Family, proud owners of the Ardardan Estate, wanted to enhance their spectacular venue by bringing endless fun for the littler ones to life with Monty’s Play Barn – at Monty’s Farm Park!

Greenspan Projects were thus instructed to weave some magic to open a “magical wee world” of outdoor play… inside the barn!

This microcosm of Ardardan’s Estate allows children the chance to clamber through a special bespoke play structure and let their imaginations run free in the “mini Ardardan” tearoom, farm shop and farm role play area. Of course, there multiple ways of getting around the barn – by sliding down one of the colourful wavy slides, tunnel chutes or a teeny tiny slide for the extra little ones! If slides aren’t the way forward, there’s plenty of climbing to be done through rope nets and bridges, as well as wall climbing across the colourful barn doors. There’s also the chance to tunnel beneath the play structure and play in one of the nets down there – a hide and seek dream!

It wouldn’t be a farming adventure without some fun-filled characters along the way… so Monty and friends can also be found along the journey – which just adds an extra layer of excitement and colour to this indoor play wonderland!

Working with the Montgomery Family on such an iconic replica of their much-admired Estate has been a truly magical journey from start to finish. As a family-owned company, Greenspan know why it is so imperative to retain the important little details and to make sure everything works as it should. From the imagination-led concept process to finalising the fully completed indoor adventure play experience, this has been a true delight to deliver for the Ardardan Estate team.

To find out more about Monty’s Farm Park, please click here.

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