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New York, USA

Project Scope:

Two innovative indoor golf courses equipped with digital scoring technology – Night in the Museum and The Lodge

About the Project

Puttery’s latest venue hits New York! 

Drive Shack Inc. owns and operates more than 50 golf courses in the U.S., including four 72 and 96-bay hitting facilities. Now, their latest competitive socialising venues – Puttery – are taking the country by storm!

Each Puttery location ranges between 18,000 and 24,000 square feet of space, a full kitchen and bar, seating areas and lounges. Every location has between two and four 9 hole themed courses with integrated technology. Each hole has a touchscreen that players can use to track their scores.

Their newest location in the Meatpacking District of New York spans 24,000 square feet over five levels! Featuring an underground speak-easy lounge, three bars – including a rooftop bar that will be open year-round, and two 9 hole mini-golf courses:

‘Night in the Museum’ encompasses various well-known museum exhibits and historical time periods, and combines them together with mini-golf to create an immersive experience.

The grand onboarding area with authentic pillars, and marble-effect flooring ensures players are immediately immersed into the atmosphere of a historical museum. There are twists of incorrect histories and anachronisms to keep it fun and interactive, but not to detract from the golf play.

The course has been divided into 8 zones; Colosseum, Royalty, Roman Empire, Art History, Sparta, Mayan Temple, Egyptian Tombs, Ancient Egypt, and Marine Fossils. The transition between each hole was designed so that players step into an exhibit and become part of it, rather than just viewing it from the outside.

“It has been a pleasure to work on another exciting and unique project for Puttery! This time around, we had the opportunity to develop a brand-new theme from scratch. “Night in the Museum” was created to bring a love of history and magic under one roof. The key for us was to create an exquisitely authentic and historically correct journey that takes the customer through different eras and time-periods – all while playing golf! The scheme was devised around a central focal feature that is visible as soon as you enter the reception space framed by tall, majestic pillars. The rest of the course was then designed around this. We wanted the customer to feel opulence, detail and the clear definition of stepping between one exhibit to another. Playability was crucially designed to enhance and further tell the stories of each zone!”Lucy Barton, Senior Creative Manager.

The next course featured within the New York venue is The Lodge. A firm favourite amongst customers, this warm and cosy theme has been developed and fine-tuned behind the scenes to become a true showstopper! The vibe is still inviting – stepping into a chalet bursting with family memories and character where the fire is roaring, the s’mores are toasting and yes – the hot tub is bubbling!

The Lodge fan-favourite features still appear throughout the course, such as the toasty wall-length fireplace, bespoke ski “characters”, authentic timber panelling and photo ops for a ski lift selfie. There are however some brand-new, exciting additions…

Within the course there is a hidden wine cellar, full to the brim with the best bottles of “Puttery Vino” and authentic wine barrels stacked high. We have also included a scenic patio area with a hot tub and a sizzling fire pit, which all intertwine within the playability of the golf making for a truly, unforgettable experience.

For those who haven’t experienced the ski nostalgia before… what a taster!

Hers is a preview of the feedback from visitors so far via Yelp! 

Each one was fun and challenging. What makes Puttery different is the detail to its theme and the abundance of photo worthy props. You can stand behind a chariot, ride a snowmobile, sit on a plush royal chair, or a ski lift – Alex W., New York, NY. 

Both were fun and had creative trick shots. You had to count your strokes, but there was a convenient digital screen at each hole for keeping score. Later in the night, it got pretty crowded, but the layout kept traffic moving pretty well– Maggie B., New York, NY. 

The golf was very fun also: There are two courses with different themes, ski lodge and museum, each with 9 holes. Each hole had a medium level of difficulty and was very well thought out and creative. Scorekeeping was via tablet at each hole, and very easy to log after each person completed putting. Your score followed you from hole-to-hole, too. – Adam S., New York, NY.

Find out more about New York’s Puttery by clicking here.

Specialist Features 

  • Bespoke handcrafted golf holes
  • Interactive theming
  • Unique interior designs
  • Enhanced playability
  • Digital scoring technology
  • Handmade themed props
  • Bespoke scenic graphics

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