Interactive Mini Golf

Interactive Mini Golf

Retaining a competitive edge is exciting – and a lot more fun when you can keep it all as accurate as possible!

Our collaborative Auto Scoring golf technology is where the system tracks shots and keeps count for you. It also encompasses sensors – for example, at entrances to pipes that can add to, or reduce the score as we decide.

Auto scoring technology has to be installed to specific holes that are built in exact ways to ensure the sensor aspect works flawlessly and the system can be supported remotely going forward. At Greenspan, we ensure these are designed to be themed and changed aesthetically by our Design team – so the bespoke feel will always be retained in line with our client’s initial brief.

We have also integrated Digital Scoring technology into our project builds too. This is simply entering your score into a touchscreen rather than using a pencil and paper and can be used in conjunction with any hole we design.

This area is all about the data. Using a hub terminal to enter names and details, playing groups will appear at the holes in the exact order played and scores are entered in line with how the game is played for consistency. The scoreboard is maintained and showcased on a large screen at the end of the game – and there are even weekly, monthly and global leader boards maintained for those with a competitive edge!

This allows for a database to be kept, where usage facts and granular detail for time and utilisation figures can be maintained within the operator dashboard – an extremely key feature for analysing play and dwell time. This even integrates seamlessly with third party booking systems to provide ease of usability.

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