Charity Work

Project Bambouti

Greenspan Projects are very proud to help poor and underprivileged children in the small village of Bambouti, Cameroon.

We donate funding towards the Mosame Trust projects – to help them to be able to have things we take for granted.

Mosame Trust has been set up to support orphans by providing them with foster parents. We also give support to the community of Bambouti to care for the abandoned children by developing micro businesses, health care and schooling.

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Our ongoing commitment:

We are committed to help fund the Mosame Trust projects and this year we aim to raise money and collect good condition (used) play equipment to ship across to Cameroon and add to their playground. If you would like to be involved and you think you can help please contact

The latest project Greenspan assisted in was the construction of the new village play area. We raised and donated £3250.00 from a profit sharing scheme.

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Greenspan and their customers for their very generous donation this year. The money donated was used to build the school playground in Bambouti, and also set up the school allotment, where the children could learn to grow their own food to combat malnutrition in the future. These vital projects are helping the children to enjoy learning in a happy and inspiring environment. We hope to repeat this successful model in other schools and remote villages across Cameroon. We thank you for this commitment to improve the lives of children in Cameroon, and for choosing to work with our charity to meet this aim…”

From the team at Mosame Trust

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