Greenspan Projects develops woodland-themed adventure golf course

Greenspan Projects develops woodland-themed adventure golf course

Greenspan Projects Ltd., has been appointed to design and build an 18-hole woodland-themed adventure golf course for Stonebridge Golf Club, near Coventry, UK, which also operates the club’s Trackman driving range. The extensive course will include water features, raft bridges, and carved wooden characters.

John Whitehead, Greenspan project consultant, says: “Greenspan was approached to design a naturally themed 18-hole adventure golf course to be built at Stonebridge Golf Club on the Packington Estate. The project has been exciting for us as the client was looking for a modern course with water interaction but designed in a way to complement the natural surroundings.

“The result is a course that fits in with the local area, with a natural waterfall that players cross using rafts and bridges but is also educational. With Greenspan originating over 40 years ago as a landscaping company this type of natural course has called upon all our past experiences – even down to a full landscaping plan provided as part of the planning permission required.

“Greenspan has assisted throughout with the design, planning process, and now the build which we are hoping to have completed for the summer holidays.”

Family-friendly attraction

The construction of the new course forms part of Midland Golf’s continuing investment in the Stonebridge Golf Club. It recently added new Trackman MEGA screens on the driving range, as well as floating targets for the driving range lake.

Ian Nicholson, owner of Midlands Golf, comments: “Our aim has always been to make Stonebridge the premier, and most unique range in the Midlands. The latest addition of the Trackman MEGA screens, which are almost twice the size of normal Trackman and Toptracer screens, are part of this, and now with the new adventure golf course, which we are building in partnership with the golf club, we believe that this will be the case.

“Whilst we pride ourselves on being a premier golf range, part of our aim has always been to be the most welcoming facility for all golfers of any age and any ability, and the new adventure golf course will make us an even more family friendly facility to visit.”

Kelvin Pugh, general manager at Stonebridge Golf, adds: “We are really excited about the new adventure golf course that is being developed and will be launching here at Stonebridge this summer. The new facility will not only be a fabulous addition to the club but also a fantastic new family entertainment venue for the local area and wider region that people of all ages can enjoy.

“The adventure course really promises to be great fun for all the family and we look forward to seeing the new course take shape over the coming months and welcoming and introducing everyone to it soon.”

Latest Project

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Time to hear from the team:

The course was designed with a Day of the Dead theme, which offers so much visual richness. The darker venue lent itself to creating a luminescent environment and allowed each hole to sing. The patterns, colours and material finishes were inspired by the vivid imagery of the Mexican festival day, aiming to celebrate some of its rituals and traditional décor through high quality props and lighting. – Hannah Day, Senior Creative.

I enjoyed being a apart of turning this iconic space into the amazing venue that it now is! – Ryan Palmer, Project Manager.

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Whether you’re a student wanting a fun night out with friends, a family looking for something to keep everyone entertained or a corporate group tired of boring team-building days, One Under has specialised offers for everyone!

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