Family Attractions

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Family Attractions

Particularly within a post-pandemic world, family attractions are arguably more important today than ever before to make up for the lost time during lockdown.

Studies have shown that family time incorporates opportunities for strengthening family bonds in this way, creating memories, and allowing learning to occur along the way.

Greenspan have been at the forefront of creating family attractions for over 45 years – so we have seen our fair share of change within the attraction industry over the decades. With the accelerating digital advancement of our world, for example, the demand for an immersive and unique technology-fuelled attraction is high… in line with the competition.

Families are looking for something that will factor in the fun, as well as provide some key learnings from the experience and this is where Greenspan can utilise real-time market insights to create concepts that have been tried, tested… and proven time and time again.

Whether it’s a themed adventure incorporating educational entertainment (“edutainment”) or creating high-octane explorations that will remain the topic of conversation for years to come, the possibilities are endless when it all starts with a Greenspan concept idea. Here are some examples of the work we have delivered to bring family fun to life:

Types of Family Attractions

Family Entertainment Centres (FECs)

Greenspan have been blazing a trail within this area for over 40 years. From our hand crafted, bespoke play equipment to our themed special FX-infused adventures– there has been a real paradigm shift when it comes to the innovative and imaginative concepts we conjure to delight and deliver the “wow factor” for families.

We believe our clients can really reap the benefits of providing a unique indoor, or outdoor, attraction to families – and our specialist experts can help this become a reality – from concept to completion.

Take a look at some of our family entertainment centres designed by Greenspan Projects.

High Ropes

Fun for all the family, high ropes courses can vary in difficulty, where it’s all about choosing your own adventure. For example, you can come across platforms, obstacles, bridges and even swings – there are many possibilities and different ways of completing the course that adds to the fun… ultimately creating your own challenge. This type of attraction also caters for those wanting to embark on some teambuilding… it’s all about motivating each other!

Take a look at some of our projects within this area.

Zip Lines & Coasters

Flying through the air on a zip coaster across a scenic park is a lot of fun – and so is watching your family do it too! This is an incredibly popular attraction for this very reason, as it incorporates fun and often facing fears. It’s a brilliant way to provide an adventure to entertain and increase dwell time – which isn’t quite as radical as building a full rollercoaster but releases the adrenaline like one.

Our work with zip coasters has spanned the globe and has been found to compliment existing attractions immensely, building on the excitement of an existing adventure and increasing dwell time in the process.

Themed Play Structures

Being surrounded by well-known characters allows for families to connect on a level that brings the big screen to life. From watching animations together at home to seeing them up close and personal can often leave everyone feeling a little star struck… and that’s not just the kids!

We have worked on a multitude of themed play and interior theming throughout the years to delight visitors of all ages, including West Midland Safari Park’s Ice Age exhibit and Boj’s Giggly Park, Chessington World of Adventure’s Gruffalo themed rooms and Trail of the King animal enclosure, and Ninjago themed areas at Legoland – to name a few.

Incorporating these areas within a food and beverage (F&B) vicinity is a brilliant way to increase dwell time, and also allows for photo opportunities aplenty.

Check out some of our themed play attractions.

Adventure Golf

With the infusion of our latest tech allowing for more accurate ways to keep score and assess real-time leader boards… it can all get very competitive! Our adventure golf themes have evolved to onboard this autoscoring and digital scorecard technology to provide a more accurate, immersive experience resulting in scorecards to prove who the real winner is.

In a data-driven world, we are much more susceptible to statistics. So, to be provided with a detailed scorecard after your game that has tracked the finer details, such as number of hits on the ball thanks to a clever QR code, is a distinct advantage when differentiating yourself from the competition. It has been proven that visitors are more likely to return to the attraction to “beat the score” and, in some cases, attempt remain on the leader board – meaning dwell time increases and visitors return.

Find out more about our bespoke themed adventure golf projects.

Autoscoring Golf Technology

Retaining a competitive edge is exciting – and a lot more fun when you can keep it all as accurate as possible!

Our collaborative Auto Scoring golf technology is where the system tracks shots and keeps count for you. It also encompasses sensors – for example, at entrances to pipes that can add to, or reduce the score as we decide.

Auto scoring technology has to be installed to specific holes that are built in exact ways to ensure the sensor aspect works flawlessly and the system can be supported remotely going forward. At Greenspan, we ensure these are designed to be themed and changed aesthetically by our Design team – so the bespoke feel will always be retained in line with our client’s initial brief.

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