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Project Scope:

Outdoor themed play area to bring ‘Boj Giggly Park’ to life

About the Project

Boj, a rare burrowing bilby from the Australian outback created by Pesky Productions, now has his own amazing world in the heart of the Worcestershire based West Midland Safari Park. Greenspan Projects Ltd were delighted to have had the opportunity to work with both West Midland Safari Park, and Pesky Productions to make their vision of a ‘Boj Giggly Park’ really come to life.

Greenspan’s expert team designed and built the fantastic fully immersive, multi-sensory, themed play area which features five interactive zones specifically designed for young visitors.

Set over approximately 1500sqm, young explorers can make their way through the winding tunnels of Boj’s burrow, make some magical music in Denzil’s Music Mayhem area, hop over the stream and explore the sensory trail in Mia’s Ladybird Spot, burn off some energy running and jumping in Rupa’s Superfit Challenge, and climb, swing, bounce, and a whole lot more in Gavin’s Giggly playground!

Every detail, from the gigantic themed bandstand, playground, character’s houses, and even the toilet block, through to the design of the signage, required Greenspan’s team to draw on their brand IP experience to ensure that the play area was meticulously designed to fit in with the Pesky Productions Boj brand.

West Midland Safari Park shared: “Greenspan impressed us from the outset. Beginning with an extremely professional and creative design presentation we worked closely with their in-house designers and the IP ‘Pesky Productions’ to design the whole attraction. The end result is a truly fabulous addition to our safari park.”

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Specialist features:

  • Immersive play area
  • Multi-sensory
  • Unique and varied play
  • Meticulously designed to fit in with the Pesky Productions Boj Brand

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