One Under, Brighton


One Under UK


Brighton, UK

Project Scope:

Ocean-themed 9-hole indoor golf installation, designed to immerse the player into a sea of electrifying fun…

About the Project

Making Waves…In an exciting new partnership with One Under, Greenspan Projects proudly announces a spectacular addition to the dynamic social scenes of Brighton, UK…

Fusing the classic game of mini-golf with a vibrant ocean-themed narrative, the pulsating neon lights and electrifying atmosphere amplify the experience, immersing you in an unforgettable ambience.

As soon as a player steps foot onto the course, they are immediately transported into a luminous wonderland, surrounded by life-sized sea creatures, interactive flooring, and thrilling challenges.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! This One Under venue also features a 9-hole ‘Gamers Paradise’ mini-golf course, shuffleboard, bars, and an ice cream machine, amplifying the seaside experience even further!

Causing a Splash in the market…Greenspan thoroughly embraced the challenge, relishing the opportunity to push creative boundaries and delving deep into experimentation with innovative materials, processes, and products.

For the enchanting merfolk and jesters of the sea, there is fun to be had by everyone! The imaginative setting and oceanic theming provide the perfect backdrop for stunning Instagram snapshots!

Thats not all…One Under offers a range of options for players to book, with drinks packages and exclusive offers for students. The vibrant venue and challenging courses provide the perfect destination for couples, mates, dates, stag and hen groups or birthday celebrations. Exclusive hires for corporate groups will also be on the menu. Click here to book!

Specialist Features…

  • Exceptional gameplay with original and distinctive challenges at every twist and turn
  • Fuses inventive and visually striking elements, ensuring a vivid and magnificent underwater neon spectacle throughout the entire venue
  • Integrates interactive features within the mini-golf courses that embody the chosen oceanic themes, captivating visitors in an engaging adventure
  • Utilizes a customizable lighting system to effortlessly transition and vary the neon glow, offering versatility and adaptability to complement various atmospheres or occasions

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