Lane 7, London


Lane 7


London, Victoria

Project Scope:

17-hole indoor golf installation designed around the concept of a dart board. Each segment is adjacent to metal screens, giving players a glittering glimpse of what is to come…

About the Project

Greenspan are honoured to have been a part of designing and building this innovative mini golf for Lane7

Get in our Lane… This Insta-ready course is split into two brightly coloured sections, with 8 holes of fun each side, finishing with a shared golf ball gun to finish with a BANG!

Challenged with bringing to life a concept that would not only make a significant social impact in Victoria’s thriving nightlife but be ground-breaking in the competitive socialising market – Greenspan Projects proudly accepted the task 

A Fast Game is a Good Game… That’s why the games begin before you even step foot on a golf hole…Head to the sorting wall to determine your playing order! Release your ball into the Plinko Pins, where each bounce sets the stage for an exhilarating showdown to decide who takes the lead…will you have the advantage of going first, or last?  

Red Route: As the game begins, senses are heightened by the dazzling spectacle of glittering loop-the-loops towering 2 meters high, daring you to test your skill and precision. Or find yourself surrounded by soft noodles, creating a sensory atmosphere that takes the traditional game to the next level…and just when you think you’ve seen it all, brace yourself for a larger-than-life game of Twister, testing your agility, strategy and relationship with your fellow players! 

Green Route: Navigate through a green ball pit where every shot is a test of skill and precision…will you Sink or Swim?! Rotating disco balls cast enchanting patterns of light and shadow, guiding your path as you aim to hit the ball through intricate tracks and obstacles. Navigate the laser lights as you aim for the hole cup – avoid piercing the beams by performing your best Mission Impossible moves!  

The Final Shot… Golf enthusiasts among you will notice there are only 8 holes per side…there is a joint 9th hole!  

At the end of the course awaits an exhilarating mini golf ball shooting range, where you face off against a challenger from another group. Take aim and shoot your ball into the target, competing for those precious final points. With scores tallied and victory hanging in the balance, every shot counts as you strive to emerge triumphant! 

It’s a thrilling and immersive experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end!

Beyond the game… Also set within this vibrant venue, you’ll discover an exciting array of activities including bowling, beer pong, a distinctive basement experience, arcade games, and an inviting selection of bars and delicious food offerings. Get ready for an unforgettable night out where fun knows no bounds! 

To find out more about this extraordinary venue, click here! 

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