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Golf It!


Glasgow, Scotland

Project Scope:

Three 9-hole adventure golf courses with bespoke theming and props including hand-painted rocket ships, ride on bikes and hand carved wooden creatures

About the Project

Another adventure is born… with a twist!

Why would you want to play on an adventure golf course designed by adults? Everyone knows kids have the brightest imaginations!

This is what the fantastic people behind Golf It! had in mind… so Greenspan Projects worked to help bring the dream to life.

Golf It! is a brand new concept from golf’s governing body The R&A, and is set to revolutionise the sport, making it more accessible and inclusive to golfers and non-golfers alike. Based at the south bank of Hogganfield Loch in Glasgow, this vast new indoor and outdoor attraction boasts an extensive range of introductory golf formats including a twist on pitch and putt, three adventure golf courses co-designed and built by Greenspan Projects, community putting greens and a 52-bay double decker floodlit driving range.

There seemed to be a common misconception with golf… and the Golf It! team wanted to change that. They wanted to challenge the stigma that golf is for the elite and the rich… and make it accessible to everyone.

Russ Smith, General Manager at Golf It!, said:, “The aim at Golf It! has always been to make it as welcoming and affordable to people as possible. I genuinely think we have achieved that with a facility that is grown from a seed of an idea into a phenomenal multi-layered experience for all of the family.

“It is crucial for us that ‘community’ is at the centre of everything we’re setting out to achieve at Golf It!. Most of our 50 trailblazers – the name we’ve given our new team members on site – are from the local area.”

A key component of the entire attraction was creating a thrilling, engaging and educational adventure golf course… so we worked with Beano Brains – local schoolchildren in the Glasgow area – and groups of 5-12 year old’s to bring their vision to life. Our three 9 hole courses, Our Country, Our Earth and Our Universe will make young imaginations run wild!

“We asked the children – if they could design an adventure golf course, what would it look like?” stated Russ. “We were expecting Pirates and Dinosaurs and that kind of stuff, and actually we were pleasantly surprised by what came out.

“The first-course theme they wanted was ‘futuristic and planets’ as one course, ‘sustainability’ was another and then the third was ‘effects of Climate Change on Scottish landscapes’, so we have worked with Greenspan to create these amazing experiences.

“There are no courses like this in the UK and this has come from the brains of these kids, it’s unbelievable.”

And the result? Imaginative, colourful and immersive adventure golf courses… that really are awe-inspiring and eye-catching! With three 9-hole courses in total, visitors of all ages can enjoy the brightly coloured props, play through shots, photo opportunities and fun facts along the way. Visitors can also traverse the bridges, pull-through water raft and walkways as they encounter three different worlds… looking ahead to a magical future full of possibilities!

“We can’t wait to show everyone how spectacular the whole place looks. Golf it! is for those kids, for their families and the whole community who might not have dreamed of visiting a golf attraction” added Russ.

Neil Young, Youth Team Leader at St Paul’s Youth Forum, commended the move by The R&A to include opportunities that bring young people in the area closer together as part of Golf It!. He said:, “This isn’t just a centre for golf, it will become the beating heart of north Glasgow, providing investment into the community and creating opportunities for young people.

“With training and an exciting education pathway at St Paul’s Youth Forum, we’re confident that Golf It! is going to be a facility the whole community can access and feel very proud of.”

Greenspan have been incredibly proud, also, to be part of such a pivotal project, which we hope will be one of many of its’ kind as Golf It! continues to thrive. Find out more about the official launch of Golf It! by clicking here. 

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Specialist Features:

  • Bright, colourful theming throughout
  • Detailed and intricately carved unique wooden sculptures
  • Play through hand-painted props
  • Multiple challenges and obstacles
  • Excellent playability
  • Large coloured water feature running through the course
  • Pull-through raft
  • Wooden bridges
  • Wet pour materials
  • Hard and soft landscaping
  • Stunning planting
  • Natural rockwork

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