5 Benefits of Messy Play

5 Benefits of Messy Play

Here are the 5 benefits of messy play. Play is typically misconstrued as a treat. However, play is an essential part of a child’s development and really is more of a necessity. It is a time for learning, exploring and creativity.

Messy play is a great form of play that allows the child to create and explore with sensory stimulation… without abiding by any rules or expectations. We often find ourselves weighing up the pros and cons of messy play with our clients when discussing sand, water and mud play options.


5 benefits of messy play


5 Benefits of Messy Play & How it Helps:


1. Relaxation Time:

Messy play is a great stress buster. It’s important that children learn to deal with stress, however, it’s hard to explain to a child how to deal with an abstract problem. You cannot physically see stress, you cannot hold it in your hands, but that’s where messy play comes in.
Playdough is a great stress-busting tool. Playdough play can be a quiet or vocal activity and it can be done alone or with others.


2. Essential Motor Skills:

The need to learn key fine and gross motor skills is essential. Running, getting dressed, eating, touching, feeling… the list goes on. There are so many messy play activities that can help a child with these skills – sand and water play to clay modelling and mud play etc. It is the best way for little ones to discover and see how things work.


3. Decision Making:

No child can play wrong, and especially when it comes to messy play. Arts and crafts with glue and glitter and dried pasta – basically anything that can be used to make something else. The popular go-to craft activity is mud or sand, pasta jewellery or paper hats. Let them decide what colours go together or what material to use and watch them express their interests and demonstrate their talents.


4. Conversation & Communication:

Messy play is perfect for conversation and communication as it isn’t guided by adults! There are no strict rules, which in turn leaves them talking to their peers about what they are doing or creating. They can talk and discuss what others are using to get the desired effect. This helps them create a stronger bond between each other and the ability to work and play well alongside others.


5. Textures – Touch & Feel:

One thing a lot of children struggle with is textures. It is more often than not the reason why they do not like certain foods or refuse to try them. This is often taken with them through their lives, sometimes as far as adulthood!
Expose little ones to as many different textures as possible during messy play, even with foods and this will most definitely help them adjust and be more accepting to a wider variety of foods and textures.


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