Why add Adventure Golf or Mini Golf to your venue?

Why add Adventure Golf or Mini Golf to your venue?

Adventure Golf – Why add adventure golf or Mini Golf to your venue?


Ask any Golf Club Manager, Local Council or Attraction who has installed one… There is no doubt that adding an adventure golf course to your facility will help generate significant additional revenue. ⛳
Whether you build a 9, 12 or 18 hole course, you would be surprised how fast they bring in revenue and how quickly they pay for themselves.


So, why are Mini Golf courses so profitable?


Adventure Golf is timeless

Mini golf has been around for over a century. The first course was created in 1916 in Pinehurst, North Carolina and was called Thistle Dhu (pronounced “This’ll Do”). Even today the game still provides all ages with fun and excitement. Although courses and rules have evolved a lot, the purpose, characteristics and rules are basically the same.
Holiday parks and seaside locations have had a little pop-up course that charge £2-3 per round for decades. Year on year these small mini, or crazy, golf courses stay open, not requiring much maintenance and consistently pull in the revenue.

Greenspan has helped many locations up their game with fully themed adventure golf courses, that can easily charge £6,£7 or £8 per round. People love it, talk about it and keep coming back time after time to try and beat their previous scores. Not only outdoors, but indoor golf courses too.


The ROI – Return On Investment

Most people will be taken aback at the sheer numbers and profit percentage that adventure golf can generate per annum. Until you see the workings, it is hard to believe! Many themed courses will pay themselves off in the first 2-5 years… Some even 12 months. Those that are looking to invest and already have the land available, then it’s a no brainer and the returns will be even faster. Download our free adventure golf revenue calculator here and find out for yourself.

If you add on a simple f&b (food and beverage) offering or a small café then you can increase your takings by 50%. If half of everyone that plays buys a cold or hot drink and a snack then that is an additional £3 per person. Multiply that by half of your annual visitors and the numbers will shock you.
Check out what revenue you could be receiving on your site by downloading the ROI calculator here.
Once your course has paid itself off, adventure golf returns excellent profit with very low overheads. With this in mind, what course would you choose for your site or venue? Talk to us today to discuss the best options for your venue.


Mini Golf is a family-friendly activity

Did you know that over 130 million people play Mini Golf every year! It is a great family-friendly activity and can be enjoyed by all ages, abilities and skillsets. From small children right through to a golf pro, adventure golf offers fun for all. But, what’s the reason for this? Adventure / Mini golf courses appeal to and can be enjoyed by everyone. Unlike other attractions such as go-carting, arcades, waterparks, paintballing, etc that only appeal to a narrow section of personnel or ages range, Mini Golf bridges the gap between these individual attractions and theme parks by attracting all ages in one area/activity.

To summarise.

  • Adventure golf provides fun for all ages
  • Attractive to any ability or skill set.
  • It’s extremely affordable
  • Allows families to have fun and compete
  • Mini Golf bridges the gap between single attractions and theme parks.


Although it may only take 60 mins or so to complete a round, adventure golf would normally be a destination venue that people travel to, to spend time and have fun.


Introducing the next generation to Golf

If you already own a golf venue, e.g. golf course, driving range, golf academy or pro shop and have spare space available… what better way is there to introduce the next generation to golf than through an exciting Adventure Golf course? Expose and open up your facility to the next generation of golfers via Adventure Golf. The course will naturally bring in clients that wouldn’t have originally visited your venue. This in turn will automatically start to increase sales in your other offerings. Instead of being a golf focused venue, you will start to become a family-friendly destination.

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Where Greenspan can help

Greenspan are designers and creators of bespoke indoor and outdoor adventure golf courses. We can offer a complete turnkey solution from consultancy through to delivery of your project. Our courses are unique and bespoke to each and every client. We will create an unforgettable golf experience leaving your visitors wowed. In turn, this will provide a consistent stream of revenue into your venue, boosting your bottom line.
Need help with bringing in additional profit? Take the first step and talk to us for a free site visit, design and quote.


Thinking of starting your own?

If you’re thinking of starting an adventure golf company, we’re sure that the first thing you want to know is… are Mini Golf courses profitable?

TALK TO US: We can help with every aspect with the design, build and aftercare of your course. Speak to one of our trusted team today to take the first step steps to boosting the profits at your venue.

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See some of the other projects we have completed. 



Latest Project

Fairhaven Lake 18 Hole Adventure Golf

About the Project:

Greenspan is proud to have successfully completed this stunning 18 hole adventure golf course for Fylde Council. The themed mini golf course is located next to Fairhaven Lake and offers so much fun for all ages. The course is themed on area history, famous landmarks, and local wildlife. Some of the iconic landmarks include St Annes Pier, The Royal Lytham Hall, Singleton Fire Station and more.

The course also features some of the famous signature holes from St Annes Old Links and Royal Lytham & St Annes golf clubs.


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