How a new indoor playground was designed and built with a kid’s experience at the heart

How a new indoor playground was designed and built with a kid’s experience at the heart

The latest blog from Active Kids Adventure Park in Perth, Scotland explores the latest indoor play build fresh from Greenspan Projects…

With thoughts from our Project Manager, Richard Hollyer, find out more via Active Kids below…

As we complete the finishing touches to our brand-new indoor spaces, have you ever wondered how an immersive, challenging, interactive and, most importantly, fun playscape like our new indoor playground is created?

It’s not as simple as choosing a few focal points, adding a slide here or a climbing frame there. It is hugely considered. There’s so much thought, planning, creativity and expertise that goes into a project like this.

Our team knew that we wanted to create a space that could celebrate the natural world around us and bring the outdoors indoors. We wanted to create a tree-house themed playground that is safe and takes children on a journey of exploration where they can play, use their imaginations, develop independence and, above all else, have so much fun.

To help us create this very special playground, we have been working with an award-winning company called Greenspan Projects. A family run business, Greenspan have been designing and building innovative leisure spaces for half a century. And, they know a thing or two about creating adventure play areas.

“When working on a play concept, at the forefront of our minds is the child’s experience,” explains Richard Hollyer, who managed the Active Kids project from Greenspan Projects. “How can we create an immersive playscape which provokes inspiration and creativity in each child that encounters it? Our goal is to always think about play diversity and creating a sense of endless fun. The design must be safe, varied, inclusive and exciting and we approach every design with the same enthusiasm and curiosity for maximising joy.”

To design our playground, Greenspan put themselves in the shoes of a child and their parent to create a playscape that meets the needs of both. They also understood the importance of supporting a child’s developmental milestones through the play space.

“Creating a freeform, multi-level playscape with a range of challenges and obstacles allows children to explore their limits and build resilience and courage to try new things and gain independence through play,” says Richard.

“Also, the natural, familiar theming and materials create an evocative experience which provides children with opportunities for imaginative role play and storytelling. In these kinds of considered environments, children can practice collaboration, teamwork, independent play and coordination in a safe, secure space, which is crucial to their development. There are options for children of all ages, which allows them to return again and again to try a new challenge as they grow and become more confident.”

The playground takes children on an adventure through the woods where they can climb to the treetops clambering through branches and nets. For older kids, there’s lots of pathways to explore and younger children can discover the joy of climbing and crawling through a space a bit like a bug hotel with different insects and woodland creatures.

When designing the playground, Greenspan have thought of everything. Every last detail is considered with playability always in mind, so kids can have the best experience possible.

“Once the child steps onto any part of the structure, the journey through the play allows for climbing through tunnels, crawling, sliding, balancing, traversing rope bridges, and even leaping across giant foam rollers! There’s also an interactive projected floor for an even more immersive experience.

“If they need a break from play, or fancy an imaginary tea party mid-way, there’s even a miniature table and chairs for this. Climbing nets also allow for clambering across the structure this way and that, so no experience is ever the same.”

What Richard and the team at Greenspan have created is literally child’s play. We can’t wait for you all to see it!

Stay tuned for more details and visit the Active Kids Adventure Park website for more details on how to book!

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