Transforming Traditional Golf

Transforming Traditional Golf

How are people from all walks of life transforming the game of golf… and breaking barriers?

The customary game of golf and traditional driving ranges are quickly becoming catalysts to other activities. Across the USA and the UK, masses of traditional golf venues are taking the plunge by diversifying their existing offering into enhanced technology, high-energy… and a serious focus on the “entertainment” factor.

It certainly is no secret that golf venues are thinking about the social aspects of the experience, too. From Gareth Bale’s Par 59 venues in the UK (think indoor adventure golf teamed with cocktails and delicious street food), to Drive Shack’s Puttery (taking indoor adventure golf up a notch with themed courses and exclusive themed drinks) there is a huge market to be tapped into when it comes to creating social environments around games. Gone are the days of the typical food and drinks with friends… when some good old competitive fun comes into the equation!

And the best part? Golf games with a twist just continue to grow. The global mini golf industry has seen such a tremendous expansion over the past few decades, with an estimated value of $9.9 billion in 2019 and a projected market size of $633.1 million by 2028 in the US alone.

But why?

Combining golf with more fun and exciting activities isn’t just for adults… and it’s not just for a particular demographic, either. Take The R&A’s new venture – GolfIt! as an example. This newly launched inclusive venue in Glasgow promises activities for fun, for families, for foodies and for friends – all centred around the beautiful game, of course. With such an extensive offering of golf courses, driving ranges, adventure golf courses, a nursery, information centre, cycling, padel games and delicious street food… there is plenty on offer to increase visitor dwell time and create a fun day out for the entire family.

Braving the elements

Where weather can be totally unpredictable, such as the UK in the height of summer, there is a lot that can be said about bringing the game of golf inside. Take Mulligans, for example – who have created, alongside Greenspan Projects, an 18-hole innovative technology-infused adventure golf within a venue at Norwich’s Riverside Park. Whether people are checking out the shops, enjoying bars and restaurants or just escaping the confines of the house for a while… the rain can’t dampen spirits when you’re in a toasty covered venue!

We’ve even heard news of the recent inclement weather improving visitor numbers dramatically within indoor adventure golf venues… so visitors can still enjoy the summer holidays with some competitive fun without braving the wind and rain.

Demographic shifts 

Around a third of all golfers in the U.S. are now millennials, which could be a shock to the golfing community given its clear appeal to an older demographic. However, younger golfers like Rory Mcllroy are proving the stereotype that golf is a sport for the older segments of the population wrong. In 2019, over 14 million millennials indicated they would be interested in playing a game of golf this year.

Another noteworthy demographic shift is the increasing interest in golf from women. In 2019, women were about a quarter of all golfers!

This bodes well for the future of golf and the vision to become a more inclusive sport enjoyed by all. It will also provide more business opportunities as chances to appeal to the female demographics in golfing equipment, social entertainment and fashion can be expected to increase.

Staying social

Social media and media coverage are essential parts of the adventure golf and social entertainment strategy to reach more segments of the population, especially the younger crowd. Given that over 60% of millennials are active Instagram users, venues will be looking to reach this crowd by providing more coverage of fun-filled activities… and more highlights of amazing shots.

Whether it is Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook, users will create content that will market itself – and that’s before influencers even come into play. For example, at Boom Battle Bar, influencers with thousands or even over a million followers frequent the venues to try out all the latest games and themed nights. It’s certainly a marketing dream!

How can Greenspan help transform your venue?

Simple. By adding an attraction that will entice your target audience! Our team have decades of experience in this area and have delivered multiple projects to increase dwell time, provide excellent ROI and make your destination the talk of the town.

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Latest Project

One Under, Liverpool

Welcome to Bold Street’s hottest new venue! 

One Under has launched its newest venue in LiverpoolEmbrace the spirit of Dia de Los Muertos by playing the exciting, new 9-hole golf game. Each hole is inspired by the iconic Mexican holiday, featuring modern-day twists throughout. Interactive theming, flickering candles, larger-than-life skulls, neon artwork and thrilling challenges transport players directly into the vibrant festivities!

Time to hear from the team:

The course was designed with a Day of the Dead theme, which offers so much visual richness. The darker venue lent itself to creating a luminescent environment and allowed each hole to sing. The patterns, colours and material finishes were inspired by the vivid imagery of the Mexican festival day, aiming to celebrate some of its rituals and traditional décor through high quality props and lighting. – Hannah Day, Senior Creative.

I enjoyed being a apart of turning this iconic space into the amazing venue that it now is! – Ryan Palmer, Project Manager.

The excitement doesn’t end there! This One Under venue also features a 9-hole ‘Ocean Themed’ mini-golf course, shuffleboard, Pool, Arcade Games, DJs and a 360° bar, making it a one-of-a-kind environment for the ultimate night out.

Whether you’re a student wanting a fun night out with friends, a family looking for something to keep everyone entertained or a corporate group tired of boring team-building days, One Under has specialised offers for everyone!

Competitive Socialising is on the rise…but what is it? Competitive Socialising is a revolutionary concept that combines new experiences, activities and entertainment with the joy of spending quality time with friends and loved ones, making it the newest way to connect, have fun, and create unforgettable memories!

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