Homestead Adventure Park


Homestead Marketplace


Quinte West, Ontario

Project Scope:

16-challenge high ropes course with a freefall jump and an 18-hole adventure golf course themed around the history of the surrounding area.

About the Project

Click here for a 360 tour of Homestead Adventure Park

Homestead Marketplace is located just off Highway 401, the busiest highway in North America and spans over 18 acres of land. The site features a one-of-a-kind adventure golf and high ropes course, national retailers, casual dining restaurants and a fully-licenced sports grill making it a destination where families will come together to shop, eat and play – all with a strong focus on giving back to the community!  

The Adventure Park is made up of three main activities all brought together by a 300m2 water feature! This water feature is much more than just a pretty addition, it generates playability challenges throughout the Adventure Golf course and makes up the waterway for the remote control boats. The water tower itself acts as a walkthrough element on the high ropes course, creating a memorable and sensory experience for players.  

High Ropes 

Conquer new heights as you explore 16 challenging elements and take in the scenic views of Quinte West from 4m above ground level. Take a final, adrenaline-rushing leap from underneath a Hawker Fury; a British fighter aircraft used by the Royal Air Force in the 1930’s!  

Adventure Golf 

Adventure through the history of Quinte West as you Putt your way through fun and exciting obstacles that represent the past ties to the lumber industry, military roots, the film industry and the Trent Severn waterway.  

Remote Control Boats 

Navigate through Quinte West as you take to the helm of one of 8 remote control boats, embarking under bridges, through narrow channels, and around obstacles before mastering your docking skills as you approach the pier.   

Greenspan’s main objective when developing this project was to create an Adventure Park appropriate for use through all seasons, resulting in an area that can be enjoyed from dusk till dawn that transforms throughout the seasons to keep customers returning for more! This was achieved by installing flood lights on the high ropes course and bollards on each golf hole to ensure sufficient lighting for players in darker evenings. We have also created a Ranch building on one of our holes which will be transformed into a Santa’s grotto during December. This ensures clients are able to secure constant ROI no matter the weather conditions!  

“Working with the team at Homestead Marketplace was a joy from start to finish. They are a passionate and fun-loving team with an eye for detail and a love of history and their hometown. 

We worked closely with them to establish integral theming ideas and researched key industries and local history to incorporate into the theming and the play itself. The central feature is a life-size, working water tower which links back to the local logging industry. Players can putt under the tower and scramble through the water tank overhead via an exciting high ropes course which spans across and around the adventure golf course below for a multi-level entertainment experience.” – Hannah Day, Senior Creative  

Making adventure educational… Every hole holds a short, fun story and theme to teach players new and interesting facts about the History of the site. Customers are also provided with a scorecard that includes puzzles and games that will test their knowledge as they Putt their way around the course, making it the perfect venue for field trips, day camps and youth trips!  

Specialist Features: 

  • Functioning waterwheel  
  • Rockwork props 
  • Handcrafted rafts and bridges  
  • Large water feature  
  • Remote control boats  
  • Excellent playability  
  • Challenging elements  
  • Seasonally themed  
  • Free-fall jump 

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