Fontygary 18 Hole Adventure Golf


Fontygary Leisure Park


Fontygary (Font-y-Gary) South Glamorgan, Wales

Project Scope:

Complete design, build & theming of an 18-hole outdoor Adventure Golf course

About the Project

Fontygary is a growing leisure, food, and beverage hub on the edge of a holiday park in South Glamorgan.

Their desire was to create an exciting Welsh themed outdoor Adventure Mini-Golf course. This would add to their portfolio of current leisure attractions including a Gym, Swimming Pool, Bowling Alley, Function Rooms, and an Eatery/Bar.

With Wales being a place of iconic and legendary history, our creative in-house design team had a lot of fun with the theming concepts.

The course needed to be well designed with a layout that would appeal to all ages and provide fun for all the family.


Adventure Golf Course Build:
The build went well, but as with many jobs, we hit a few challenges along the way. The biggest challenge was near the completion. The course was due to open in only a few weeks when our supply chain let us down on one of the biggest features… The Dragon!

A factory malfunction meant we were unable to complete the sculpting and deliver before the summer holidays – “The grand opening”.

We couldn’t delay the opening so we had to think hard and fast… “What comes first, the Dragon or the Egg?”

In this case, it had to be the Egg. We created a fiberglass egg and laid it in a nest in place of the dragon with a sign to read… HATCHING SOON!

This allowed the attraction to open on time and created an element of mystery and hype. Intrigued visitors wanted to return soon to find out what was going to hatch.


The Course:
Complete the quest and slay the Dragon. The playability of this completed 18 hole adventure golf course is excellent. From the tee off on the first hole, through to putting your ball on the last green, there’s enough fun as well as a challenge for all ages. There are vast amounts of well-crafted design that fit in perfectly with the Welsh theme.

Some of the main features:

Hole 4: Putt your way through an old mine shaft entrance, clad in timber and artificial rock. A derailed coal truck adds to the effect.

Hole 6: Those with confidence can brave the water gap jump. Jets of water fire up at varying heights and intervals knocking your ball off course, so timing your shot is key.

Hole 8: Tee off, through a cave behind a cascading waterfall then challenged with a raised cup around the hole. Warning you may get wet!

Hole 9: Entering Dragon country! Have no fear the dragon-slayer will help you through. Pop into his hut for a cuppa’…if you can fit.

Hole 10: The hole of magic, the legendary sword Excalibur, of King Arthur watches over all those who play. Don’t be tempted to pull the sword from the stone, in case any misfortune may befall you.

Hole 14: Lighten your mood and lift your spirit as you spring through the maze of giant daffodils to celebrate the day of ‘Dewi Sant’ (Saint David).

Hole 18: BEWARE, don your armour and take action! Slay the fire breathing Dragon. Make sure you get a hole-in-one this hole… you don’t want to be stepping too near that ferocious head.

This course is well worth a visit if you are near or passing. For current pricing and more, visit the Fontygary Leisure website HERE.

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Specialist Features:

  • Bespoke theming and sculpturing
  • Feature FX lighting and smoke
  • Walkthrough cave with a waterfall
  • Specialist rockwork and detailing
  • 12m long fire breathing dragon
  • Dragonslayer model and hut
  • Mining tower and shaft with a derailed coal truck

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