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Project Scope:

Three innovative indoor golf courses equipped with digital scoring technology- including The Lodge, The Library and The Garage courses

About the Project

Puttery has officially landed in Pittsburgh!

Drive Shack Inc. owns and operates more than 50 golf courses in the U.S., as well as four 72- and 96-bay hitting facilities… and now their latest competitive socialising venues – Puttery – are continuing to take the country by storm!

Each Puttery location includes between 18,000 and 24,000 square feet of space, a full kitchen and bar, seating areas and lounges. Every location has between two and four nine-hole themed, tech-enabled courses. Each hole has a touchscreen players use to track their scores.

The latest addition to an impressive and ever-growing portfolio of Puttery venues is this stunning build in Pittsburgh, PA.  Boasting two storeys of sleek and stylish space, a high-end bar equipped with multiple cocktail-making accoutrements and spirits and, of course, the piece de resistance…

The venue’s three courses — The Garage, The Library and The Lodge — include obstacles to navigate such as a pair of ski boots, stacks of books and multiple speed bumps — and each course has its own signature drink.

In The Garage there are multiple tyres, motor oil cans, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and vintage vehicles for those picture-perfect moments. Visitors can putt through alloys, past gasoline machines, motorparts and lavish leather interiors to really heighten the “va-va-voom!”

The Library is decorated with bookshelves, a world globe and a Dimetrodon, a creature that predated dinosaurs. There is an opportunity to putt past large leather bound books, as well as input scores into a library-themed digital scorecard. The library shelves are adorned with trinkets, statues and of course… books… plus an insight into Pittsburgh’s rich history.

The Lodge is a mini ski resort complete with racks of skis, poles and a polar bear statue. There are ski coats to be worn for photo opportunities on a chairlift and a wall-length fireplace. It is also beautifully finished with stunning snow and ski mountain views… to really transport visitors to the piste!

Puttery Pittsburgh is the sixth official Puttery location — along with Dallas, Chicago, Houston, Charlotte and Washington, D.C.

Greenspan Projects were delighted to work on yet another Puttery venue – taking the project from initial design concept to full completion, where the official launch took place on 9th February 2023. Since opening, the venue has caused quite a stir with locals and tourists alike!

Here’s some of the feedback via Yelp and Facebook:

Photo of Cait H.

Cait H.

Pittsburgh, PA

“Pittsburgh’s newest bar concept is awesome. We were invited to check out their new location in the Strip District & it is stunning!

The space is so large and opulently decorated with 2 floors, 3 putt putt courses with different themes, 2 beautiful bar areas & space for private events. There are countless opportunities to take fun photos! Each of the 3 courses, The Ski Lodge, the Library, & The Garage, features 2 signature cocktails you can only get while you’re on that course. It’s $18 per person, per course and the Puttery is 21+ so it’s the perfect date night or friends night out spot.”


Rich Walsh KDKA (Sports Anchor, Pittsburgh)

“We got a sneak peek of one of the coolest new spots in Pittsburgh. The Puttery in the Strip opens on Monday. Restaurant, Bar and 27 holes of mini golf. What’s not to love. Notice the names at the top of the leaderboard!”

Take a look at the full gallery below to explore all of the courses and the rest of the venue – and visit Puttery’s main website to view 360 tours, the latest news… and book your tickets now!
Want to find out more about Greenspan’s other Puttery projects? Check out the latest article by blooloop – or head over to our projects page for more details.

Specialist Features:

  • Bespoke hand-crafted golf holes
  • Electronic score cards
  • Hand-made wooden library structures
  • Specially selected, and hand-made, themed props
  • Real full-sized American classic cars
  • Unique interior design
  • Enhanced playability
  • Stunning lighting
  • Beautifully designed scenic graphics

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