Drive Shack’s Puttery, Houston


Drive Shack's Puttery


Houston, Texas, USA

Project Scope:

Three immersive, bespoke mini-golf wonderlands were built for this competitive socialising venue, including The Lodge, The Library and The Conservatory

About the Project

Exclusive attraction transports visitors on an epic tech-infused mini-golf adventure through different worlds  

Drive Shack Inc. owns and operates more than 50 golf courses in the U.S., as well as four 72- and 96-bay hitting facilities. But the company’s focus right now is Puttery.

Each Puttery location includes between 18,000 and 24,000 square feet of space, a full kitchen and bar, seating areas and lounges. Every location has between two and four nine-hole themed, tech-enabled courses. Each hole has a touchscreen players use to track their scores.

This awe-inspiring venue in Houston is poised and ready to welcome visitors from across the USA – and beyond – to come and enjoy an epic golf adventure like no other. With delicious food options and ice-cold, high-end cocktails to fuel guests along the way, there is a lot that can be said for an adult’s only venue that can really allow for a more relaxed and vibrant atmosphere.

Innovative theming

Possibly the most exciting part of Puttery’s extensive offering is the imaginative theming that surrounds all of their venues. Houston’s venue is no exception – yet what sets it apart from the rest is the history and heritage that interweaves the three 9-hole courses.

Greenspan Projects were selected to design and build the immersive, bespoke mini-golf wonderlands for Houston’s Puttery, utilising a pre-built commercial space and transforming it beyond belief. The first of the trio is The Lodge, where the vibe is certainly super chilled, yet challenging as guests can expect to take their shots surrounded by the epic Rocky Mountain sights. Equipped with a toasty wall-length fireplace, as well as bespoke ski characters and photo ops for a ski lift selfie, this course certainly evokes nostalgia surrounding cosy apres-ski and fun in the snow… and for those who haven’t experienced this before… what a taster!

Next-level immersion

As images continue to dominate social media platforms, there is always the need to step up the game for the gram, by creating the most inventive reels and finely filtered shots. Puttery’s next course – The Library – opens a world of opportunity for this, where visitors can putt their way around multiple picture-perfect props. There’s a chance to browse the books on the sleek shelves, check out the epic dimetrodon, spin the globe and marvel at the grand portraits whilst navigating the distinguished looking course.

Entertaining elements

Bringing the “outside in” is always a fresh take on a venue space. The Conservatory allows visitors to be at one with nature as they traverse the challenging 9-hole surrounded by giant redwoods, prickly cacti, and dazzling cherry blossom.

Greenspan’s in-house technical and creative design teams relished the challenge of inventing the immersive themes that have transformed the venue into a competitive socialising dream. With a combined – and extensive – selection of skills and expertise ranging from architecture to interior design, the teams interweave their stunning visuals and sketches with the more structural build elements to really bring the concepts to life.

Driving the dream

On designing the courses, Lucy Barton, Senior Creative Manager at Greenspan Projects, said:

“Having the opportunity to work a variety of these courses for Drive Shack encompasses the core reason I enjoy being a creative designer; the diversity between each golf theme really allows the imagination to run wild. It allows us to not only explore different ideas but push the boundaries of what has been done before, to create a unique experience for the brand and the customer. It is always a delight to work with a client who open to new ideas!

One of my favourite things is how we take the concepts and add a “Puttery twist” – nothing is too literal. Yes, you may be within a super cool, Billionaire’s Library environment…but you are here to play golf. We don’t want the customer to forget that.

Even if they are surrounded by polar bears, classic cars, gladiators or peering off a rooftop!

The projects have certainly taught us a few new ways of thinking; in some cases, we are working with much smaller areas than we have been used to. Therefore, developing space saving solutions and being spatially smart has been and is at the forefront of our minds throughout. The customer journey, experience and playability are most important, whilst adhering to the regulations.

It is truly so exciting to see some of the courses coming to life and start opening to the public – what was once an idea on a page now exists three dimensionally. It is always a magical moment, no matter how many times you have experienced the concept to completion process over the years!”

Customer feedback

“If you are looking for a nice date spot or even a place to hang out with friends, I would definitely recommend Puttery!”
-Ashley G, via Yelp 

“The Library Course is a classy and fun one! I loved the ambiance and creative obstacles on each hole. It felt like I was playing putt putt in some richy’s house. So fun! Even cooler – the scorecard is electronic and follows you from hole to hole. My standards have been raised.”

-Olivia B, via Yelp

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Specialist Features:

  • Bespoke hand-crafted golf holes
  • Electronic score cards
  • Hand-made wooden library structures
  • Specially selected, and hand-made, themed props
  • Unique interior design
  • Enhanced playability
  • Stunning lighting
  • Beautifully designed scenic graphics

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