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Drive Shack, Puttery


Chicago, USA

Project Scope:

Two 9-hole adventure golf courses with a cosy lodge and stunning library theme

About the Project

Puttery’s latest venue hits Chicago!

Drive Shack Inc. owns and operates more than 50 golf courses in the U.S., as well as four 72- and 96-bay hitting facilities… and now their latest competitive socialising venues – Puttery – are taking the country by storm!

Each Puttery location includes between 18,000 and 24,000 square feet of space, a full kitchen and bar, seating areas and lounges. Every location has between two and four nine-hole themed, tech-enabled courses. Each hole has a touchscreen players use to track their scores.

This classy venue in Chicago is poised and ready to welcome visitors from across the USA – and beyond – to come and enjoy an epic golf adventure like no other. With delicious food options and ice-cold, high-end cocktails to fuel guests along the way, there is a lot that can be said for an adult’s only venue that can really allow for a more relaxed and vibrant atmosphere. Puttery Chicago also boasts multiple bars and lounges – with outdoor seating space for those sunnier, warmer days and mild nights.

Greenspan Projects were delighted to help with the second venue for Puttery by designing, creating and building the two 9-hole adventure golf courses to transform visitors to two different settings; The Lodge and The Library.

With apres-ski vibes and plenty of nostalgic props, The Lodge showcases the perfect putting place from up in the “Rocky Mountains”. Equipped with a toasty looking fire and logs, snow and spectacular mountain views, this course will keep visitors entertained as they play around snow ploughs, polar bears and fir trees. There’s even a ski lift… and an upside down skier to play around! It might look like a winter’s dream… but it’s certainly heart-warming!

Next is The Library course – packed full of detailed art, indoor plants, a life-sized bear and, of course… multiple-coloured books – some of which you can even putt through! With sumptuous soft leather and red “carpet” you really do feel like your game is taking place in a grand stately home.

When it comes to the rest of the Puttery venue, the finish is plush, comfortable and classy – and highly appealing to the eye. It’s therefore no surprise that visitors love to take plenty of pictures for their social platforms…

Take a look at the gallery below to find out more and don’t forget to check out Puttery Chicago’s awesome 360 tour by clicking here.

Want to find out more about Puttery’s other, and upcoming, locations? Please click here.

Here’s a preview of the feedback from visitors so far – from Yelp!

Ryan S.
West Loop, Chicago, IL

“Went here with a group for golfing and drinks. Never have I met kinder staff & such a great way to spend a (cold!) Chicago afternoon! The indoor mini golf was awesome, had fun themes, and we all had a great afternoon. Wonderful group outing and we will definitely be back soon!”

Ella W.
Chicago, IL

“HOLY COW. You guys better run to Puttery because it is about to be packed. I was able to experience this elevated golf venue and it had exceeded all expectations. I have been to some comparable venues in Wicker and River North and I can truthfully say that Puttery takes the cake as far as vibe and overall experience. The staff is great and actually seem to be enjoying themselves as well! The facility is awesome-well thought out and can accommodate large groups-it seems like an ideal spot for a place to host a party/get together. The drinks were great my favorite was the margarita! We were able to play both 9-hole courses (which I might add have their own curated drink menu to go along with the theme of the course). The course on the second floor was Library themed the second course on the third floor was ski lodge/mountain themed. They have a balcony/patio to hang out on, if you’re in need of fresh air. Overall great place, great people, great drinks, great vibes. 10/10 would recommend.”

Specialist Features:

  • Bespoke hand-crafted golf holes
  • Electronic score cards
  • Hand-made wooden library structures
  • Specially selected, and hand-made, themed props
  • Unique interior design
  • Enhanced playability
  • Stunning lighting
  • Beautifully designed scenic graphics

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