Boom Battle Bar, Edinburgh


Boom Battle Bar


Edinburgh, Scotland

Project Scope:

Innovative adventure golf with multiple challenges centred around popular sports and games

About the Project

Boom, blast, and boundless energy in Edinburgh’s latest competitive socialising venue…

Greenspan Projects have been taking the competitive socialising world by storm and this latest installation does not disappoint…

Part of a whole series of exciting new venues to be announced, Boom Battle Bar Edinburgh is now LIVE – featuring one-of-a-kind games set to excite, challenge, perplex… and maybe even frustrate – all amongst a backdrop of beverages and delicious bar snacks!

Designed for date nights, trips with friends, team building, or just something a little bit different to twist the structure of the average day – Boom Battle Bar aims to bring a whole new level to competitive fun, which doesn’t always necessarily involve tech, gizmos, and gadgets. Well, aside from the perfect opportunities to take epic pictures and selfies, of course.

Greenspan were instructed to ignite imagination within the venue at Edinburgh’s popular Omni Centre – bringing a variety of games to life to push the boundaries of traditional playability. Twisting the narrative of industrial elements gone “rouge”, the games are designed to take you to a whole other immersive level. Visitors can expect the unexpected as they traverse different challenges featuring a variety of themes and collaboration. Take the BMX bike, for example. Featuring on the 9-hole crazier golf course, the aim of the game is to putt the ball through the spinning bike spokes… spun by none other than an opposing challenger. If that wasn’t enough to help, or hinder, the game, there are numerous other tasks to tackle throughout the course – including a large American-style foosball game, where the aim is to score with your friend’s golf ball, plus a baseball challenge with a twist featuring – you guessed it – a golf ball!

As well as looping the loop, putting over a skateboard, and strategically shooting the ball across sleek metal slopes, there is also the opportunity to soak up the world of augmented reality en route…

From the initial concept created by Greenspan’s creative design team alongside the client, it was clear this was going to be a project that could really push the boundaries of imaginative design and build elements. The challenging part was trying to contain the ideas to suit the limits of the space – yet this really only adds to the charm of the venue layout.

Both Boom Battle Bar and the Omni Centre management team have been thrilled with the opening of this venue, which is set to soon become Edinburgh’s jewel in the crown of the nightlife offering within the city.

Martin Botha, manager of Omni Centre, said: “We’re extremely thrilled to have both Boom Battle Bar open at Omni, bringing new and exciting experiences that will enhance our position as a key entertainment destination in the city.”

Richard Harpham, CEO of XP Factory, the company behind both Boom Battle Bar said: “We’re beyond excited to open the doors of our epic new Scottish venue.

“Whether you’re tumbling down the rabbit hole into our Alice themed escape room, trying your hand at axe-throwing, taking on an outside adventure or just stopping by to enjoy a delicious cocktail, this Edinburgh venue promises to be packed full of unmissable fun.”

To find out more about Boom Battle Bar Edinburgh and book your adventure there today, click here. 

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Specialist features

  • Bespoke built and beautifully finished timber
  • Uniquely competitive games
  • Challenging, fun elements
  • Highly detailed, in keeping with the overall theme
  • Imaginative props
  • Steel handrail
  • Creative steel mesh constructions
  • Steel playable props
  • Balustrades
  • Bright LED lighting
  • Special FX and “uplighting”
  • Themed carpeting

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