What Parents Value At Visitor Attractions

What Parents Value At Visitor Attractions

For visitor attractions, there is a wide visitor demographic to consider and cater for. After our last week’s post ‘Is Your Visitor Attraction Child-Friendly?’ We decided to look at it from the parent’s point of view.

After speaking to a small focus group of parents, an anonymous mother has given her insight into what she would like to see from a visitor attraction.



“I walk into the park; I am excited, happy and as all mum’s…tired. Exhausted, but it’s family day, and I want to make the most of it because these days are full of precious memories and moments.”

For a family in this modern world we have so much going on and time together is as important as ever.

There are so many great parks throughout the world, so here are a few ideas for how visitor attractions could be parent-friendly… read on for wonderful feedback.


Guided Paths & Interactive Maps:

Everyone in the family has an idea of what they want to do first, but it isn’t necessarily something we all agree on! It would be great to have lots of interactive maps all around the park so we can plan our route and get the children excited for the next ride. Our children don’t always agree so sneakily disguised ‘adventure trails’ can be a pleasant way to combat this!


Adult Perks:

It’s meant to be a day for all of the family so a place that had a few adult perks (invest in great coffee and we will love you forever) would go down a treat. A place where we have a good viewpoint to make sure our children are safe and playing happily but also a place to sit back, relax, rest our feet and enjoy a nice cup of tea and maybe even a piece of cake!


Coffe at Visitor attractions


A Healthier Gift Shop:

After a lovely day at the park eating some treats and going on a load of rides, it’s time to get back home and resume to normality. It would be appreciated if there was an option to purchase some healthy children’s snacks. Something that they can choose themselves and take to school in their lunchbox. Make healthy snacks fun and available at gift shops, and it’s a game-changer forever.


Discounts & Reward Schemes:

Many parks are starting to do this now, but people really value discounts and loyalty schemes. Theme Parks, Zoos and Farm Parks are top of the list for school holidays, birthday parties, play dates and really anything child event related. However, it can also get a tad expensive, this is where the loyalty and discounts come in so handy. Explorers love signing up for newsletters and yearly memberships to keep in the loop and get exclusive discounts!”


We hope you have enjoyed our post, and we would like to give a big thank you to all the mothers who shared their thoughts. 


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