How to design the best mini golf course

How to design the best mini golf course

When designing the best mini golf course, what do you think are the key considerations?


The key considerations when designing a new adventure golf course can be split into the following points:


The User:

This really governs the main route you take when designing the course and surroundings.

If it is a family-friendly venue, the focus is on fun, playability, accessibility, a simple F&B offering, and creating the desire to return again. Playability is key and the users must have a sense of enjoyment when they play – Oh and there should always be hole-in-one opportunities.

If the venue is proposed as a competitive social hub, the focus changes slightly towards entertainment – a more extensive F&B offering and areas to stand/ sit and talk. The golf is still a key feature but in reality, you could argue that it plays more of a supporting role in the attraction.

Having said that, in the social environment it is essential to have the opportunity to have ‘skill-shots’ and ‘hole-in-one’ opportunities for those more interested in the sport itself.

Some courses (mainly outdoor) would be focused on educational aspects, to educate the user on local history and facts – for example, council-run or historical sites would normally focus on a theme that is personal to them.

Having said all the above it would be fair to say a lot of designs incorporate an element of each, some just lean more heavily one way than others. The common denominator on all adventure golf attractions would be FUN, PLAYABILITY & THE DESIRE TO RETURN.


The Experience – Your USP:

What is the experience you are trying to create? Is it authentic? Is it comical? Is it nostalgic? Is it contemporary? This will affect the theming and ambience including lighting, audio, reception, routes, and food offering.


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Latest Project

Fairhaven Lake 18 Hole Adventure Golf

About the Project:

Greenspan is proud to have successfully completed this stunning 18 hole adventure golf course for Fylde Council. The themed mini golf course is located next to Fairhaven Lake and offers so much fun for all ages. The course is themed on area history, famous landmarks, and local wildlife. Some of the iconic landmarks include St Annes Pier, The Royal Lytham Hall, Singleton Fire Station and more.

The course also features some of the famous signature holes from St Annes Old Links and Royal Lytham & St Annes golf clubs.


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