Why High Ropes?

Why High Ropes?

Aerial Adventures are becoming increasingly popular… and for good reason!

From navigating challenges on multiple levels of high ropes courses to zooming through the air on a zip wire, the opportunity to optimise visitor experiences are ample. In fact, many more venues are investing in this kind of attraction… and some may surprise you…

For example, award-winning Melco Resorts & Entertainment have created an entire adventure park packed full of aerial adventures in Cyprus as part of their mammoth endeavour to create Europe’s first fully integrated resort. Whilst your typical resorts are focusing on optimising space for restaurants and rooms – it seems that many are steering towards the “resortainment” route (resorts and entertainment). Greenspan worked with Melco Resorts & Entertainment to build this dream which will ultimately create a unique offering for their resort, in keeping with their stunning aesthetic, with an opening date of 10 July 2023.

Likewise, The Holiday Inn Corby, UK have also decided to create something a little different for their popular destination. Having said that… the company wanted to also extend the offering to the local area and wider business community too, thus becoming an attraction destination and not just a place to stay the night (or a few!)

The Valley, Evesham is another prime example. This popular centre already boasts 25 shops, a fabulous garden centre, and four eateries with free parking set in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside… yet it’s now home to one of the biggest adventure attractions in the vicinity with Aztec Adventure’s Lost Valley. This high ropes course surrounds adventure golf on the ground and incorporates fifteen elements, including cargo net, swingy steps, see-saw steps and various wobbly bridges climaxing with a 70-metre zip wire finale. When this attraction opened at Easter, it resulted in a record-breaking weekend for the shopping centre and Aztec Adventure… and it’s looking like the summer holidays will follow suit.

Garden centres are also getting in on the action. Yes, you heard correctly! It may seem like a strange place to host a high ropes course, but the folks at Tingley Garden Centre know how to heighten their visitor’s experience. Mission Out is an adventure park with a difference located at the site, which is home to a two tier high ropes adventure, which allows visitors to complete the mission of manoeuvring through multiple mid-air challenges.

In this article, we’re specifically delving into the benefits of high ropes courses, and why they are becoming increasingly popular for venues great and small…

The Benefits of High Ropes Courses

High Ropes courses are a fantastic way to encourage families to enjoy an epic adventure.

With years of experience within the design and build sphere of high ropes adventures, the Greenspan Projects team can design and create multiple, bespoke, and totally unique elements to enhance the experience. Many have included swinging steps, see-saws, and challenging nets… all suspended in the air!

Here are some of the key benefits of creating a High Ropes course for your venue:

Visually AWESOME!

High ropes courses create a fantastic visual attraction, often drawing curious visitors in from afar. Visual stimulation piques interest and often creates a new challenge to overcome in a potential visitor’s mind. So, if they’re driving past the venue thinking “I could DO that!” then the chances are, they’re coming back sometime soon to accept the challenge…!


In a world where producing social media content isn’t just for the experts… it’s so tempting to create awesome pictures, videos, reels, slow-motion shots within seconds.  High ropes provide amazing social media opportunities for this… especially when it has a visually stunning theme!

Enhances Existing EXCITEMENT!

High Ropes courses can easily surround another attraction… such as adventure golf! In fact, many of our clients have decided to enhance their existing offering by adding in an extra activity in this way. It ultimately opens up opportunities for more visitor demographics, by attracting adventurous visitors looking for a challenge… as well as those who prefer to stay on the ground and play a spot of golf instead!

Fun and… FITNESS!

Adventurous aerial obstacle courses are utilising all muscles, including the core. By developing these muscles, whilst having plenty of fun, visitors are paving the way for better balance and flexibility, which is important when navigating different obstacles that require both. Working core muscles can also increase muscle stability and prevent muscle injuries…

Oh, and upper body strength is also improving along the way, as well as cardiovascular health. Result!

Feel Good FUN

It’s not just the body that benefits; the mind benefits, too. As visitors master the various challenges presented by high ropes courses, they’ll feel a major jolt of self-esteem, a sense of real achievement and a stronger mindset that allows them to handle all kinds of tough situations. Perfect for team building and boosting morale!

Find out more about our high ropes courses by clicking here.

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Latest Project

Volcano Falls, Milton Keynes

Choose your adventure…

What happens when you create three different worlds under one roof? The answer? MAGIC!

At Volcano Falls Adventure Golf & Bar there’s plenty of fun to be had – where visitors can choose between each of the innovative courses… or book on to all three!

Volcano Falls is a registered trademark of Funstation – Family Entertainment Centres jam packed with Carnival Games, Laser Tag, Adventure Golf and Bowling. This particular venue in Milton Keynes was looking for a complete revamp and fun ways to encourage competitive socialising alongside a delicious food and beverage offering – so they engaged with Greenspan Projects in order to get the golf “ball” rolling…

The venue is blessed with a fantastic amount of space, so initially the ideas began flowing to see how this could be best utilised.

The answer came in the form of three 12-hole adventure golf courses – all with totally unique themes including:

Coney Island Carnival

It’s all about skill in the world of the carnival… and visitors can “step right up” and test theirs in a whirlwind of colour and excitement! This course includes iconic games  fused with adventure golf including duck shoot, Skeeball, Plinko and a play-through helter-skelter. Think high energy, high excitement… and plenty of colour!

Tropicana Beach Club

Life’s a beach… or it can certainly feel like one when you’ve been transported to the hottest beach party in the UK! Visitors can putt their way through Surfer’s Paradise as they traverse surfboards, flamingos and tropical trees before enjoying a pit stop at the Tiki Bar.

Volcano Valley

When was the last time you had to look out for molten lava rivers and prehistoric predators? Within Volcano Valley, visitors can experience just this as they putt past volcanoes, waterfalls, jungle foliage and bridges in this immersive and historic wonderland!

Rave Reviews

New #vlog 🤩 I recently visited the brand new @Volcano Falls Adventure Golf in Xscape Milton Keynes and it was so much fun! Can’t wait to go back and try out the other courses and all the other stuff they offer! 💖- Elica Bezchi, via TikTok

“Had a brilliant time today with my daughter! Would recommend to everyone!! Coney Island was our favourite!

Plus, bonus points for the staff, all so friendly and welcoming! ♥️” – via Facebook

Check out the details… and book your adventure today!
Find out more about Volcano Falls by clicking here. 
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