Greenspan Projects Ltd partners with Puttery – the latest US experience from Drive Shack Inc.

Greenspan Projects Ltd partners with Puttery – the latest US experience from Drive Shack Inc.

Exclusive attraction transports visitors on an epic tech-infused mini-golf adventure through different worlds  

Greenspan Projects Ltd. has completed work on a new US leisure venue combining golf and socialising.

Drive Shack Inc. is a renowned owner and operator of golf-related leisure and entertainment enterprises with a mission to connect people in a fun and novel way. Drive Shack Inc. is a recognised pioneer in providing unique and unexpected golf entertainment experiences, whether they take the form of conventional golf courses, expansive driving range facilities with cutting-edge technology, or the company’s most recent immersive putting concept, Puttery.

Puttery is redefining the game of putting with a contemporary twist in a vibrant environment and engaging experience that takes visitors from one course to the next. Each Puttery location combines distinctively themed nine-hole courses with lively bars and lounges where customers can hang out before, during, and after their tee time. Locations are currently operational in Dallas, Houston, Charlotte, and Washington, D.C.

Greenspan Puttery space

“With the countless number of ‘eatertainment’ venues that have popped up over the past few years, it’s no secret that the competitive socialisation scene is booming and here to stay,” says Mike Chicoine, Drive Shack Inc.’s head of construction and project development.

“What makes Puttery stand out from the rest is the elevated design, luxurious décor, and careful attention to detail throughout our venues. We have high expectations, and Greenspan’s robust design and planning group has quickly adopted our program to become a key contributor in our Puttery builds.”

Trio of courses

Greenspan Puttery Polar Bear

Greenspan Projects was chosen to use existing commercial space and change it beyond recognition to create the three mini-golf wonderlands for Puttery Houston. The Lodge is the first of three themes, where après ski comes to life in the Texas heat as guests take their shots amidst breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains.

This course transports guests to cooler weather with a cosy wall-length fireplace, a larger-than-life polar bear, custom ski characters, and a ‘ski lift’ for selfies.

The demand for brands to provide unique photo opportunities for customers to share is unmatched, as experiences continue to take over our social media newsfeeds. The Library, the following course at Puttery, therefore provides guests with a wealth of opportunities to capture content for Instagram and TikTok.

While navigating the complex and prestigious course, visitors can peruse the books on the sleek shelves, pose with an enormous dimetrodon, spin a globe and take in the impressive artwork.

Delightful work

Lucy Barton, senior creative manager at Greenspan Projects, says:

“Having the opportunity to work a variety of these courses for Drive Shack encompasses the core reason I enjoy being a creative designer; the diversity between each golf theme allows the imagination to run wild. It allows us to not only explore different ideas but push the boundaries of what has been done before, to create a unique experience for the brand and the customer. It is always a delight to work with a client who is open to new ideas!

“One of my favourite things is how we take the concepts and add a ‘Puttery twist’ – nothing is too literal. Yes, you may be within a super cool, Billionaire Library environment…but you are here to play golf. We don’t want the customer to forget that.

“The projects have certainly taught us a few new ways of thinking; in some cases, we are working with much smaller areas than we have been used to. Therefore, developing space-saving solutions and being spatially smart has been and is at the forefront of our minds throughout. The customer journey, experience and playability are most important, whilst adhering to the regulations.”

Design expertise

The immersive themes that have turned the location into a hotspot for competitive socialising were created by Greenspan’s in-house technical and creative design teams. These colleagues integrate a wide range of skills and expertise, from interior design to architecture, and weave their exquisite designs and images into the more structural build components to bring concepts to life.

Greenspan Projects’ vice president of sales Brook Tuffin adds:

“Working with Drive Shack Inc. has been an amazing journey so far. It has been a pleasure to support Mike and the team with their incredible vision that has transformed competitive socialising beyond belief, where pushing the boundaries of design, and imagination has been unique and exciting.

“Puttery has certainly been one of the most gratifying projects to work on during my ten years at Greenspan – from both a professional and personal perspective. It has opened my eyes to new opportunities that I would never have thought could be possible in the past, and I genuinely look forward to the future and our collaboration with Drive Shack Inc. continuing.”

Greenspan Puttery Houston bar

Speaking of his company’s collaboration with Drive Shack Inc. and Puttery, Greenspan Projects chief executive officer Rod Morton, says:

“We are extremely excited and pleased to be working with Drive Shack Inc. in the design and build of their Puttery venues. They have an amazing vision and are creating something different in this fast-growing world of social entertainment. They have a clear strategy and ‘look’ which is both appealing and highly Instagrammable.

“Our projects with Puttery have allowed for a real boost to the expansion of our business within the US. Subsequently, this has allowed us to invest in new people and additional production facilities at Greenspan Projects to support this growth.”

The design and build specialist will be at IAAPA Expo later this month meeting new clients in Orlando, Florida, US.

Latest Project

Putt Nation

Greenspan Projects were delighted to engage with Putt Nation on the full design and build of two exciting 9-hole tech-infused mini golf courses for their venue.

In historic Buford-a thriving place to work, live and play in Atlanta, Georgia-  Putt Nation is the newest family attraction to burst onto the scene. The brand saw a gap in the market to break the traditional “putt putt golf” paradigm… bringing lights, lasers, screens and plenty of digital fun to the venue for a totally immersive experience!

From the initial design phase, it was clear that a unique and exciting concept was key. It was about taking the stigma surrounding “lack lustre” conventional mini golf and totally flipping it on its’ head… creating the next generation of mini golf and “The Putt Nation Experience” against a backdrop of delicious food and beverages.

Ensuring there is fun for all the family with playability to suit all ages, the experience begins as visitors step into the venue, where the Putt Nation crew ensure a seamless entry system for digital scoring. Players provide their names, receive their ball, putters and it’s all systems go to the first hole!

Each hole is totally unique. They vary in playability – with challenges relating to each theme at every stop. From skimming the ball through a giant lighthouse to putting across popping popcorn cups (featuring huge lifelike popcorn kernels), a new adventure awaits at every turn! Adorned by giant screens to match the theming of the hole, there is even a giant foosball game, beer pong, a house of cards scattered with giant dice, and a colourful Ferris wheel.

There are multiple ways to enjoy Putt Nation’s offering – whether you are aged three or 83! Designed as a place to enjoy with up to six guests, The Pub Course and The Circus Course can be booked separately… or as double games. There is even an option for larger groups… from 7-18 visitors! There are also bookings available for birthday parties, corporate events, and bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Check out the project gallery below and visit the Putt Nation website for more details on how to book your next adventure!

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