Bringing the Boom to Birmingham: the Midland’s first battle bar is born…

Bringing the Boom to Birmingham: the Midland’s first battle bar is born…

Another one goes BOOM…

Boom Battle Bar is taking over the nation. It’s no secret – and certainly no surprise as the popular venues continue to grow…

Greenspan Projects were instructed to bring innovative, immersive challenges to life again for Boom Battle Bar’s newest instalment at Five Ways, Birmingham. Nestled between popular eateries and retail outlets, this prime location was deemed perfect for the newest addition to the Boom family.

This two-tiered venue is equipped to bring the ‘spirit of competitive play’ to life, and is filled with games like augmented reality darts, ‘crazier’ golf, axe throwing, karaoke, beer pong tables and more. As you walk into the bar, the instant buzz is palpable – there is so much to see and do, but where to start? Realistically… you start from the beginning and work your way up… so perhaps a tipple of your choice before embarking on an immersive adventure?

So, you’ve wandered over to the bar and scanned the extensive menu. OK. Choice made. Drink in hand. It’s after 7pm so it’s now an adult-only venue. Time to explore what Boom Battle Bar has to offer, so it’s the perfect opportunity to wander upstairs to see what all the fuss is about. It’s a sensory overload – in the best possible way – as the eyes adjust to the neon lights uplifting the hand-crafted themed adventure golf holes set to take you on a journey through ­different levels. From shooting some b-ball, to putting “through the loop” and steering your ball to safety in a giant mirrored balance game, to flinging balls into target holes and sabotaging your opponent with a blocking BMX bike and the ferocious feet of the foosball players… the games provide endless entertainment as you frantically try and keep up with your scorecard! Oh, there’s also the opportunity to take a swing at the ball with a baseball bat…

After all the excitement, and if you’re peckish, now’s the chance to wander back downstairs to check out the menu for some delicious bar snacks – featuring chicken tenders and nachos as well as other street food plates to tempt your taste buds.

With that, plus another beverage, it’s surely time to explore the venue further… right? Well, there’s plenty more to see and do, depending on the mood. Is it time to play beer pong? Or sing your hearts out on karaoke? Or maybe partake in a little shuffle-boarding? Axe-throwing, you say? Just see where the vibe takes you… and how competitive you feel!

This is just a snapshot of the fun and games you can enjoy, of course – but the real magic lies in Boom Battle Bar’s ability to really bring imagination to life. In each venue, there is a location-unique offering that just goes to show how the Boom team really consider their audience. They have taken a concept that is a world’s first – a battleground within a bar – and brought it to life following a time where we could only see our friends via a screen for a little while…

On the opening of this particular site, Richard Harpham, the CEO of Boom Battle Bar, said: “We’re delighted to be opening bookings for our epic-new Birmingham venue. Located in Five Ways, this prime location will be packed full of our most sought after games including axe throwing, augmented reality darts, and our Boom Box karaoke booths.

“We just know the people of Birmingham are going to love this venue and the ultimate competitive thrill Boom has to offer.”

Rod Morton, Managing Director of Greenspan Projects, said: “Competitive socialising become a huge market trend for us this year, both within the UK and across the US. What strikes me about the opportunities here is that the possibilities are endless in terms of imaginative and immersive theming and “outside of the box” playability. Where else, for example, can you shoot a golf ball through spinning bike spokes or transition straight from golf to baseball?! Boom Battle Bar like to get super creative in this sense, and that’s why it’s a partnership that really works. There are more surprises to be revealed at one of the flagship venues in particular, so watch this space as we continue to carry on the Boom craze!”

John Whitehead, Project Consultant for Greenspan, said: “It’s immensely pleasing to be working with Boom Battle Bar as they roll out their programme at such a pace. We originally met at the beginning of 2022, and immediately embarked on a rapid design and build schedule to arrive in June at Edinburgh to install our first 9-hole course. This design is completely new and unique to Boom and has been created and finished to fit in with the brand and style that is so exclusive to their venues.”

The next Boom Battle Bar venue to open in the UK will be revealed very soon, but for now – it’s time to get booking at your nearest location…

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Latest Project

Boom Battle Bar, Oxford Street, London

Boom Battle Bar’s flagship location at London’s Oxford Street is now live…

Greenspan Projects were delighted to bring innovative, immersive challenges to life again for Boom Battle Bar’s newest instalment on London’s Oxford Street. Nestled between popular eateries and retail outlets, this prime location was deemed perfect for the newest addition to the Boom family – and one of the busiest shopping and leisure destinations in Europe!

Visitors of this vivacious venue can find competitive games in abundance, including axe throwing, “crazier” golf, augmented reality darts and shuffleboard. The site hosts both the Boom and Escape Hunt formats over approximately 15,000 square feet and represents the Group’s flagship site given its format, size, and location.

Alongside its array of aforementioned activities, visitors can also enjoy beer or prosecco pong, karaoke, American pool, and large screens showing selected live sports events. These complement six highly immersive and exciting escape games, which come from the Group’s unique catalogue of successful, premium escape challenges.

Lit by striking neon lights in a spacious underground industrial setting, Greenspan have brought the pinnacle game to life at centre stage with innovative golf games such as Loop de Loop, Sk8r Kid, Rat Race, On yer Bike and Bullseye – and a Factory Finish with a twist!

This has been the biggest Boom Battle Bar project to date for Greenspan, and it’s certainly a testament to the Boom brand that they have worked their way up to such a prime location – which is now the 26th Boom Battle Bar venue in the UK. Greenspan have also worked with Boom Battle Bar on their Edinburgh, Birmingham, Bournemouth and Leeds locations.

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